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Buy Cannabis Online in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada thanks to the Cannabis Act, you can easily buy it online and get it delivered straight to your door. It has never been easier, but how does this process work? Which websites are credible? Can you trust what you’re buying? While there are still rules you must follow […]

edible vs flower

Everything You Need to Know – Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking? Ahh, the age-old debate. Eating marijuana edibles and smoking marijuana are two very different ways of consuming cannabis. Some people prefer one to the other, but a lot of people appreciate both and find a balance between the two. Today in Canada, edibles are legal as well as smoking weed. It’s a […]

Happy Earth Day Everyone

5 Ways Cannabis Can Save the Planet This Earth Day Here’s how cannabis gives back to the Earth — and how you can do your part, too. Earth Day is a great time to check in with yourself and think about what you can do to better support this heavenly body we all occupy. That […]

10 Health Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana Health Benefits Info graphic With the cannabis industry becoming increasingly accepted nationwide, research on the medicinal effects of the plant has been abundant. This info graphic outlines 10 marijuana health benefits ranging from healing the gut to slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Click the image below for a larger, printable PDF version, or […]

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