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5 Things You Should Know About Edibles

If you haven’t already tried marijuana edibles and feel pretty keen on doing so, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. But before you embark on the wonderful world of cannabis food and drink, there are 5 Things You Should Know About Edibles. These things are important because you should always understand what you’re […]

marijuana leaf with shatter wax butter

How is Shatter Made?

If you’re a weed lover like us and pretty familiar with the stuff, then you’ve probably already heard of shatter. If you’re just getting into it, then you should know that shatter is a cannabis extract with a glass-like state. It’s super potent with high levels of THC, but you can also get some strains […]

how to store shatter

How to Store Shatter?

Shatter is definitely one of the more interesting marijuana concentrates out there, getting its name from its candy glass-like state. Along with other extracts like waxes and oils, it’s a lot more potent than your regular flower product, and it takes a special kind of care. And that’s exactly why you’ve found yourself here today. […]

Is Shatter Legal in Canada?

Is Shatter Legal in Canada?

We all know how exciting it was when the Cannabis Act was passed in Canada in 2018. Giving every one of legal age access to recreational marijuana. I personally had a little happy dance at hearing the news. You can now grow cannabis in your own home using licensed seeds and even bake all your […]

where to buy shatter online in Canada

Where to Buy Shatter Online in Canada?

Whether you’re a shatter lover or want to try it out, you’ve come to the right place. Shatter is a popular marijuana extract that gets its name from its glass-like state. It’s highly potent and can be consumed in many different ways, from joints to pipes, vapes, bongs and dab pens. The big question here, […]

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